Nomads Media Services

So, What is The Nomads Media Services all about you may ask?


If you have a product/ Service that you would like Video or photographic content of in Australia's best locations... You are at the right place!

At the nomads we travel to some crazy places. I push the limits to everything that I use and showcase what Australia has to offer. I have also been told that we can make some pretty awesome content.. Go check out my instagram (Jamie.vogler) or YouTube (The Nomads) to see for yourself. We can help with Both Photos/videos and even Include Voiceover. So, I thought I would create this service. If your someone or you know someone that wants to take advantage of what we do and the insane places we go to have your product/ Service filmed and advertised then feel free to get in contact!

 All Expressions of Interest bellow! (Make sure you include your product/ Service , Expectations, Budget and any other details. This will make it a lot easier to discuss!

Cant wait to help you out! - We will be in contact as soon as we can.