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Package Includes:

- 5 days on Dirk Hartog island
- Barge Transfer and return
- Camping fees and Amenities
- Cooked Dinner Included every night
- Free Drinks package*
- Complimentary photography and Video Media Package Boat Tour from Dirk hartog on RIB

- Access to Bar and Cafe to purchase additional beverages throughout the day


What you will need to bring:

- Breakfast and Lunch and snacks for the Duration
- Drinking Water
- Camping equipment (Tent/swag/rooftop, Bedding etc)
- Enough fuel (No fuel on the island) - We would recommend bringing enough fuel to cover 700km. Noting that a lot of the tracks covered is corrugation. It is 179km from the servo - the barge and the island is 90km long. That there already is 540km without additional driving throughout the day.

We also advise that you have the adequate insurance on your vehicle as well as roadside assistance. (Call your provider to ensure that its adequate and up to date).


$2000 = Car and Driver
$200 per additional Passenger in car


- Barge will depart from Shelter Bay (Steep point) in the morning of 14/04/2024
- We will spend a total of 5 days and 4 nights over on the island.
- We will depart Dirk hartog and get the barge back across to Shelter bay on the 18/04/2024


- That you have the appropriate Insurance on your vehicle as well as roadside assistance for this trip. Please ensure you call your provider prior to check it is suitable.
- You ensure that you have adequate fuel for this trip. Its 180km from the roadhouse to the barge. We estimate around 300km of travel on the island. (660km range between fill ups - all off-road). Your car is fully serviced and by a mechanic prior to the trip and checked over.
- You ensure you bring any medication needed for the trip and address any medical concerns with your doctor prior.

- You ask any questions that you may have to us prior to the trip so that we can address.

PLEASE NOTE: This trip is non - refundable once purchased 
We can't wait to have you join us on this epic trip!